DISinfection & Sanitization

Why Disinfect And Sanitize?

Many pathogens can survive and persist on surfaces for months. Thereby, without a strong disinfectant, it can be a source for continuous transmission. It's your responsibility to keep your customers and employees safe, and sanitization wipes alone just won't cut it. Ecologik disinfectant fogging is proven to kill 99% of pathogens on surfaces and small spaces otherwise hard to reach. As disinfection kills pathogens, Sanitizing reduces viruses, fungi, and types of harmful bacteria. Proper sanitization techniques significantly reduce bacteria and deadly pathogens.  With our service, you run your business confidently while keeping everyone safe.

99% Natural Ingredients Ecologik World

99% Natural Ingredients

We pride ourselves in only using top quality natural products.

There are many disinfectants on the market today. Many of which use harsh chemicals that harmful to humans and the environment. One out, every three chemical cleaning products contain ingredients known to cause human health or environmental problems. At Ecologik, we pride ourselves in using 99% natural disinfectants that clean your space and the environment.

The Benefits

The benefits of using Ecologik

Quick & Easy

Booking our disinfection and sanitization service is easy. We make it painless; on average, it takes about an hour to complete the treatment..


Our disinfectant and sanitizer kill all viruses, including COVID-19. With our spray, we can nooks and crevices that regular wiping can't.

Natural Ingredients

The products we use are Health Canada certified and W.H.O approved. Meaning it's safe for humans and the environment.

We Make It Easy

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  5. The space is ready to be used after 15 minutes of the treatment.

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